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BA Program

Studies in the department encompass the history of the Islamic lands from early Islam to the present day; Islam as a religion, including the various sects; Islamic institutions; the law, philosophy, sciences, art and material culture of the Islamic peoples; and the social development of the Islamic lands. The department also offers the possibility of focusing on Iranian or Turkish studies.

The teaching program includes: survey courses, Arabic language and other Oriental languages, seminars, textual courses and electives.  The B.A. program can be studied either as a major or as a minor track.

In addition to the faculty’s conditions for admission, students are required to show that they have a basic grasp of Arabic. Students who do not know Arabic will study Arabic for Beginners in their first year of studies. Over the course of the B.A., students are required to reach a level of Arabic enabling them to read texts in that language.


*Studies are conducted in Hebrew (there are several courses in English)
An exemption level is required in Hebrew.
For details about Hebrew studies, please contact Mrs. Orit Krakover, Head of the Department for Overseas Students: